Welcome to the Black Affairs Council here at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale!!


The Black Affairs Council (BAC) began as SIUC in 1972. BAC evolved from a previous Black Student organization started in 1968, the Black Student Union (BSU). The Black Student Union developed from growing Black awareness issues of minority students and it became the offical organization that represented the interests and needs of Black students at SIUC

The BAC was founded because there was not a campus organization that included Black students, groups, and organizations, under one structure or that worked toward meeting the needs and interests of Black students here at SIUC.


To address the cultural, social, educational, and political concerns of Black students at SIUC and within the local community. BAC will provide influence and input into the entire university system on behalf of the Black student population here at SIUC.

This mission will be established through the following initiatives:

  • Establish a working relationship with faculty, staff, and with the surrounding communities of Southern Illinois University.
  • Constantly investigate and review policies, procedures, rules, and regulations that affect Black students and the community.
  • Provide a communication network with the campus and surrounding community that informs them of issues that may affect them as students at SIUC.
  • Aid in the furthering of educational opportunities by funding cultural, educational, political, and social ectivities events, programs, and projects.

Preamble, from the first version of the BAC Constitution:

We, the African American student population of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, establish the Black Affairs Council and enact this constitution in order to coordinate the cultural, educational, and social needs of our community.